The Atlassian brand

What this site is

This guide serves as a resource to bring together all our brands underneath the Atlassian umbrella and to define their visual and stylistic elements.

It will provide you with the tools, assets, and guidance you need for designing and producing dynamic and powerful communications with a degree of flexibility.

In short, our brand guidelines help us all "speak Atlassian".

Who this site is for

This site provides guidance to anyone creating Atlassian marketing or brand assets – most likely the Atlassian marketing team, agencies working with Atlassian, or press.

What we're about

At Atlassian, we believe in the power of teams. Teams are responsible for some of the world's greatest accomplishments – putting people in space, unraveling DNA, and building computers small and cheap enough to fit in the pockets of a billion people.

Atlassian exists to unlock the potential in every team. Our products help them create, share and communicate better. As a result, our customers move from "imagined" to "done" faster.


If you have any questions, just ask us.

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