Primary palette

The primary palette is what we draw from most for foundational elements ‐ canvases, headers, footers and typography. These colors, especially Navy and Cyan, act as core recall elements to help consistently reinforce our brand.

General usage

  • Use Charcoal for paragraph text
  • Use Navy, Cyan, or White for h1 headlines
  • Use any colors besides Light Gray for h2 headlines
  • On the web, use white as the primary foundational canvas color. All other colors can be used as section or container background fills to break up the canvas or highlight content.

CMYK 95,73,25,9
PMS 2945U


CMYK 60,16,1,0
PMS 2915U


CMYK 0,0,0,0

Light gray

CMYK 3,2,2,0


CMYK 69,63,62,58

Secondary palette

The secondary palette is used to accent the primary palette. The further down you are in the "brand awareness funnel," the more liberal you can be in using this palette. For example, an outdoor ad campaign would not lean heavily on this palette because it would have a high level of first-time Atlassian brand awareness – but graphics at Summit, where brand awareness is high, could lean more heavily on this secondary palette.


CMYK 85,21,100,8

Mid green

CMYK 62,13,87,1


CMYK 3,24,86,0


CMYK 13,88,86,3

Cheeto orange

CMYK 0,51,91,0


CMYK 82,53,6,0

Cool blue

CMYK 48,12,19,0


CMYK 71,82,21,5

Medium gray

CMYK 57,48,48,15


CMYK 43,35,35,1

Ash gray

CMYK 19,15,16,0


CMYK 7,5,6,0

General usage

  • Use Blue for text links
  • Of the colors shown here, Cool blue, Blue and Mid green are preferred for button colors
  • For text that's intended to be subtle, use Medium gray
  • Ash gray is used for borders and containers
  • Secondary colors can be used as a section/container background fill only if they're within the context of a higher usage of primary color fills.