Logo lockups

General lockups

Lockups are mainly used in printed assets. Only URLs, office addresses, and approved corporate taglines should be locked into the Atlassian logo. Helvetica Neue Regular is used for all lockups.


Text is left aligned to a center mark between Charlie's left arm and leg. Top alignment is half the x-height, where x = the A in Atlassian (also used for clearspace measurement).

Logo lockup image of alignment
Logo lockup image of alignment
Logo lockup image of alignment

Type size

Generally type size follows the standard typographic guidelines; however, since the lockup is considered a separate expression of the brand it should be considered as a singular application. The general rule of thumb is that max type size should not exceed .5x height relative to the Atlassian logotype. Minimum type size should not be smaller than 14px for web and 9pt for print.

Logo lockup image of type size


The default color for lockup text is Cyan, but below are examples of approved color options.

Logo lockup image on white
Logo lockup image on blue
Logo lockup image on cyan

Product strapline lockup

A product strapline is a line of text below the Atlassian logo that lists our most popular products. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of our entire product suite, but rather a simplified elevator pitch version. Use cases could be email signatures, advertising, and printed trade show materials such as brochures and pull-up banners. The products include, in this order, JIRA, Confluence, HipChat, and Bitbucket.

The same rules which apply to the general lockups apply to the product strapline. The only difference is the typeface used. The strapline uses Circular Pro Regular instead of Helvetica Neue Regular.


Logo lockup product strapline