Design principles

Our design is driven by 5 design principles.


Users must be able to achieve their goals quickly. The product should anticipate the user's next move. Sensible defaults help users hit the ground running and cut down task times, while retaining flexibility. Use the 80/20 rule to determine defaults. Our applications should also be quick to respond.

Give clarity

Give users what they need and get out of their way. Most common tasks are simple and unobtrusive. "Don't make me think".

Human touch

Our products should have a human personality so users can easily understand and identify with it. It should also guide the user to make informed decisions.


Our products should be harmonious within the Atlassian eco-system. They use the same design language, but there is room for creativity.

Gracefully reveal depth

Break up big chunks of content or processes into smaller pieces that are easier to digest for users. Show 'general' information first, and then let users choose to see more 'specific' details later.