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Presentation templates

A basic template for Atlassian presentations in Keynote 2015 and Powerpoint. The template includes product logos and branding assets to make your presentation look and feel Atlassian.

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Atlassian product GUI

These templates contain all the major elements to help you design and build amazing Atlassian applications and add-ons. The Photoshop (.psd) and Sketch files (.sketch) are structured and labeled for easy use, and entirely vector-based.

PSD GUI (2.2) Sketch GUI (2.3)

AUI flat pack

The AUI flat pack is great for prototyping and coding Atlassian interfaces. The code in the flat pack is the code that's shipping in AUI and in the products so you can be sure that all the class names and values are the same.

Use the ADG, AUI Sandbox and AUI documentation to get up and running with the all your prototyping and design needs.