Progressively introduce functionality

Don’t overwhelm users by throwing them in at the deep end. Let them learn the basics first, then reveal advanced functionality and configurations as they become confident. Teach users the fundamentals before moving on to specific use cases.

Help evaluators configure the basics and make sure default configuration is optimised for the majority of users. Don’t turn everything on - let users discover more functionality in their own time.


To be successful with Confluence, teams must have at least one space created. This example shows a step in the Confluence onboarding flow where evaluators create their first space before moving on.

A successful experiment we ran on new JIRA users that hid advanced functionality by default through 'Intro mode' until the user turned it off when they were ready.

While all fields could be turned on by default, only the most important are. This prevents new users from being overwhelmed with terminology and more options than they need.

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